What should carpet cleaning cost?

It depends….

If you ever get a price quote for carpet cleaning online… just know that you will pay more once they come out to clean it. The general train of though in the industry is just get to the customers home and then upsell all the treatments needed to truly restore the desired look.

And YES, many treatments are needed sometimes to clean carpet and get rid of spots, especially pet urine spots and smells. There is NO one detergent or stain remover that works on all types of dirt, stains, carpet types, etc… That would be nice but it simply doesn’t work that way.

And as you might imagine, higher quality carpet cleaning detergents are not cheap. So back to the original question, the price depends on who you hire, what they use, how big your space is, what type of carpet, and other factors.

If you’re in DuPage County Illinois, I can come do a walk thru and get you a reasonable flat rate price. 224-201-1330

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