Low Moisture Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

With our Low Moisture / Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning process, we can get your commercial or residential carpets clean, smelling good and dry within a much shorter time versus traditional hot water extraction.

What is Low Moisture Encapsulation cleaning?

In non technical terms…. its a fast drying method where we scrub the carpets and use a bonnet machine to extract the dirt from the carpets. Think of when you try to spot clean a small carpeted area. You spray down detergent, you scrub it with a brush and then rub it with a towel to remove the dirt… it kinda works that way but with bigger machines and special chemicals that lift out the dirt and stains better, while also adding a protectant that makes it easier to clean your carpets next time.

Here’s a more detailed description of what we do:

In our process, we thoroughly vacuum the carpet, including using a hand tool to vacuum along the baseboards edges and under any furniture or places where the vacuum can’t reach. We then go over the carpeting with our Counter Rotating Brush (CRB) machine. The CRB machine helps loosen any other dry matted down dirt, hair, etc. Then we go over the carpet with a vacuum once more to get up any remaining “stuff” that the CRB machine loosened up. The less “dry soil” that is in the carpets, the better the end result will be.

After this process is complete, we spray the carpet with the non-toxic Encapsulation chemical and work it into the fibers with the CRB machine. We then let it dwell on the carpet for about 10-20 minutes depending on how dirty the carpet is.

After the dwell time, we go over the carpet twice with the CRB machine, going “east to west” and north to south”. After scrubbing it with the CRB machine, we spray down just a fine mist of more Encapsulation solution and then we go over the carpet with our bonnet machine. These bonnets lift the soil and stains from the carpet onto the bonnets, leaving your carpet clean and almost dry. Most carpets dry completely within an hour and you can walk on them after that.

While this may sound somewhat complicated, it isn’t too bad… but because we focus on giving our clients a high quality service, we don’t take shortcuts. We do everything to get you the best results!

We use the Releasit brand encapsulation detergent, as it cleans better, faster and safer. If needed, we also use various carpet spotters to get out extra tougher stains and eliminate foul odors.

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I can’t really give you a “how long does it take” answer… as it depends on how much carpet, what condition it’s in, how matted down it is, how long since your last cleaning and a few other factors. What I can tell you though is that on average, we can clean about 800 sq ft per hour once all the vacuuming is done. The initial prepping work is actually the most time consuming part of the process, but also insures the carpet turns out the way it should. 🙂

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