Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

How do good customers perceive your business when they see dirty tile and grout? Clue: Not well.

So you’ve mopped your floor numerous times but it never looks as good as it should. While mopping is good, it is still limited because dirty water from the mop and elsewhere gets lodged into the micro crevices of the tile and grout over time. The only way to get that out is scrubbing it with a machine and a good cleaning solution.

I also know that most companies charge fairly high for cleaning tile and grout, which puts it out of reach for many small businesses. Yes its a little time consuming to cleaning tile and grout correctly, but I’m a smaller cleaning company with a lower overhead than all the bigger companies that charge high for it. So if you want to get your floors cleaned up, let me do a quick inspection… and lets see what I can do for you.

My average tile & grout deep cleaning prices are $200 to $700, but price fluctuates based on how many times I need to scrub it, how much flooring you have, if you want it sealed and a few other factors.

Call or text me at (224) 201-1330 and let’s schedule a quick walk thru inspection, and go from there.

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