Commercial Cleaning

Need high quality cleaning for your office, retail store or restaurant… or maybe your floors / carpet need a good cleaning?

When you hire Dave Lewerenz Cleaning for weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, we also include initial & ongoing cleaning of your carpets & hard floors at no extra charge! (exception: We charge extra for waxing floors). But overall a fantastic deal… as a smaller cleaning service, we depend on and greatly appreciate our clients!

Here’s a quick look at what we typically do for clients, but every one is different, so it varies depending on what’s important to you:

  • Empty garbage… including cleaning the garbage can if needed.
  • Wall to wall vacuuming of all carpeting and hard floors – including baseboards, reachable HVAC vents and even walls to remove dust and spider webs
  • Lunchrooms get a detailed wipe down including all counters, tables, chairs, inside the refrigerators, outsides of cabinets, microwaves, etc.
  • Odd and ends… Door glass, mirrors, bookshelves, tables, spots on walls, etc. are all wiped down as needed. We can also polish desks, conference tables, stainless steel appliances and lots more. The only things we don’t clean are tv / computer monitors.

Basically, we take extra time to clean your space correctly. Not only will your employees and clients appreciate it, but our detailed cleaning services will help cut down on germs, bugs and other “nasties” that cut into your profits!

Average office cleaning price goes from $150 to $250 depending on size, foot traffic and frequency of service.

If you have us clean every week or two, we usually include carpet & hard floor cleaning at no extra charge… and we maintain both with spot cleaning and buffing as needed.

Restaurant and retail cleaning:

For both restaurant and retail stores, we follow a similar process, along with extra details done based on the type of business. Either way, we are very mindful of what your customers see when they walk in and as they navigate through your business.

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