Residential Deep Cleaning

What is a Dave Lewerenz Deep Cleaning? 

Our deep cleaning is a highly detailed cleaning of dust, pet hair, surface dirt, etc…from pretty much everything we can safely reach!

Please don’t pre-judge us based on any deep cleaning you have had with other services… we have heard many times that our deep cleaning is so much better. 

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Deep Cleaning Room By Room

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Bathroom deep cleaning includes cleaning towel racks, tops of vanity lights / cabinets / mirrors, door frames, under sinks, behind toilets, scrubbing bathtubs and showers and much more... heck we even clean the toilet paper holders. 🙂

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Kitchen deep cleaning includes cleaning cabinet tops, table legs, chair legs, sides of countertops, inside the oven, inside the refrigerator, dusting lighting fixtures, vacuuming walls, very detailed vacuuming of floors to remove all crumbs and much more

Living Room Deep Cleaning

Couches vacuumed, blinds dusted & wiped if possible, picture frames dusted, bookcases dusted and polished, ceiling and wall open space vacuumed, carpet / floor vacuumed including along wall edges / baseboards, and much more

Hallways & Entranceways


We use backpack vacuums which enable us to vacuum the ceiling, on top of doorway moldings , tops of doors, dust or vacuum picture frames, uncovered wall space, window frames, baseboards, rugs / carpeted areas. Damp wipe light fixtures and spot clean walls where possible.  (Flat painted walls can not be wet wiped)




Vacuum and dust all furniture, bedframes / headboards, window frames, under furniture & bed as much as can be reached, and more. All furniture that can be damp wiped gets cleaned, wood is polished or waxed as needed for protection & shine. TV’s and other electronics are vacuumed, but not damp wiped… sorry, that we don’t do.  Oh, and HVAC vents are vacuumed too! 

Dave Lewerenz deep cleaning finished basements

Family Rooms, Dens, Basements, etc.

By now you see a running theme that we vacuum everything we can, damp wipe what can be safely done so, etc. 

The same system is used throughout your home, along with any customized work that you have stated beforehand. 

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