Carpet Cleaning

About Our Carpet Cleaning Methods

So there’s two ways we can clean your carpet:

  • Encapsulation / Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
  • Warm Water Scrub & Extraction

Low Moisture Process:

Our Low Moisture carpet cleaning process is best for carpets with low to medium dirtiness. Carpets usually dry within 1-3 hours in most cases, largely dependent on how think the carpeting is.

This process includes:

  • We do a wall to wall vacuuming to remove surface dirt, including going along baseboards by hand to remove gunk along the wall.
  • We then go over it with our Counter Rotating Brush (CRB) to loosen dry soils / pet fur that the vacuum can’t pull out.
  • Then we do a more in-depth vacuuming to remove dirt and “gunk” loosened up with the CRB machine
  • Pre-spray the appropriate detergent to loosen up the ground in dirt.
  • Depending on the carpet type and stains / dirt levels, we scrub the carpet with a Multiwash / CRB to remove all visible dirt. Non-visible dirt dries to small encapsulating crystals that are then removed the next time you vacuum. You won’t see or feel these crystals… they’re tiny! 🙂
  • Finally, we go over traffic lanes with microfiber bonnet pad to remove anything that didn’t come out with the other machines
  • Inspection of areas cleaned and final touch-up if needed.

Our Low Moisture process is very detailed and designed to give you the best results possible with minimal drying time.

Hot Water Extraction Method:

The hot water extraction method is no less detailed, but does take several hours to dry. This method is best for carpets that are fairly dirty and need a really good deep cleaning.

  • The prep work is the same as above… a combination of pre-vacuuming, loosening dry soils with the CRB machine, more deeper vacuuming and prespraying with our Green Dragon solution.
  • After the solution has sat for about 10 minutes, we scrub with the CRB machine to loosen up dirt. We then go over the carpet with our Bissell commercial carpet cleaner. Yep, it’s similar to the one you’d see in a hardware store or grocery store… the difference is in the prep work we do beforehand and the much higher quality cleaning solution.
  • With the hot water extraction method, we ask that you stay off the carpet until it’s dry.

How much does it cost?

Give Dave a call or text at (224) 201-1330. We can schedule a quick walk thru so I can inspect the carpet. I can then give you a flat rate quote. I will say this costs more then those $25 a room specials you see online, because we actually CLEAN the carpet… but we do make it reasonable.

Counter Rotating Brush machines

With every carpet cleaning job, we give you a flat rate price that includes everything like pre-spraying, stain treatment, carpet protector, etc. The price we quote you is the price you pay – no surprise upcharges!

Oh, and if you need us to touch up anything that appears after we’re gone… no worries. Just text Dave and we’ll schedule a time to touch up areas. This doesn’t happen to often, but sometimes it does… just the nature of the business. 🙂

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