The Dave Lewerenz Cleaning Guarantee

My guarantee is simple… I either give you the results that I told you I would get you or you don’t pay me. Don’t you wish all guarantees were that simple instead of a 20 pages of fine print? 🙂

Now I don’t like working for free, so I put in the effort needed to achieve the results we agree upon. There is just one stipulation to my guarantee: That I am permitted to do a walk thru inspection, prior to taking on the job. This walk through inspection enables me too:

  • See exactly what my team and I are cleaning
  • How dirty it is
  • Which tools and supplies I will need
  • Which staff I need to bring
  • Is there anything broken / sharp that might endanger my staff or myself. (yes, we see all sorts of “stuff” on our jobs)
  • And various other factors

So in brief… I do not take on jobs that I can’t see the scope of beforehand. But otherwise, I definitely stand behind my work and do my best to get you the results you want!

(224) 201-1330

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