Floor Deep Cleaning

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Floors Deep Cleaned

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Baseboards Cleaned

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When you have us deep clean your floors, we do a lot of work by hand, including all corners, baseboard / wall edges, etc. to give your floors a sharp clean look!

Our process includes:

  • Floors are thoroughly vacuumed in all reachable areas.
  • Floors are then pre-sprayed with the appropriate detergent, which we let dwell for 5 – 15 minutes depending on how dirty the floor is and what type of floor it is.
  • The floor is then machine scrubbed with either a Counter Rotating Brush machine or a Orbital brush / bonnet machine to deep clean the floor. Corners, along baseboards, etc. are scrubbed by hand where the machines wouldn’t reach.
  • Then we use a wet / dry vacuum and hand dry all those corners and along baseboards. 

Some floors will require a second treatment at no additional cost to you. 

Wood Floors

$ .50 sq ft

Luxury Vinyl

$ .50 sq ft

Tile & Grout

$ .30 sq ft

How long does it take?

It depends on how much floor you have, how dirty it is and what type of floor you have.

Are your chemicals safe for people & pets?

I use mostly PH Neutral chemicals whenever possible that are non-toxic. They work well on most floor types and dirt.

Why are you so detailed?

Why pay someone to do a non-detailed cleaning that you can do yourself? Detail cleaned floors just look better!
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